Remover cuticles and dirt around nails 12 ml Nail Care

Remover cuticles and dirt around nails 12 ml | Amoené

Výrobce: Amoené
Model: 0004
Dostupnost: Na skladě
Cena: 80 Kč 54 Kč
Bez daně: 45 Kč
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Glass rod is suitable for easy and gently removing cuticles, use the tapered portion. The other end - grinded to a point, can be used to clean up the underside of the nail, or to edit painted nails. In the case of artificial nails can be used to modify stick nail grown up without damaging the gel layer.

The length of the bar is 95 mm, 6 mm diameter.

Comes in a plastic bag with printing BOHEMIA.

We guarantee the unlimited warrenty of the grinding areas!!

Creams - see "Hand care".


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