The glass nail file is the gentlest way to treat your nails.


Glass foot file for getting rid of hardened skin on heels.


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Glass nail file

Basic line

Pilníky - Základní řada

Mono and duochromatic nail files offered in four different lengths. You can choose color.

Painted and sanded

Pilníky - Malované a pískované

Hand-painted nail files with various patterns or with sanded logo or piece of text.

Extra durable

Pilníky - základní řada

Special, nearly indestructible nail files from HARD series offered with a tough case.

With Swarovski crystals

Pilníky - S kameny Swarovski

Nail files decorated with Swarovski crystals. You can choose the length and the color of both the nail file and crystals.

Foot file – heel scraper

Pilníky - Škrabka na paty

WORLDWIDE NEWS! Foot file for the hardened skin on heels. Length 160 mm, width 32 mm, thickness 8 mm.

Gift boxes Swarovski

Pilníky - Dárkové sady Swarovski

Gift box for 1, 2 or 3 pcs of files with Swarovski crystals, various combinations.


About Us

Our purely Czech company has been producing glass nail files since 2004 and its products are of the best quality on both the Czech and the World market. The main and only aim of our company is to produce glass nail files and foot files. The files are sold under mark Bohemia-hand finished, which ensures maximal quality of every single file.

The production is done by a traditional manual way, which ensures – together with further check of the product – an extraordinary quality of our products. For production of glass nail files we use the most up-to-date technologies combined with traditional methods of processing glass. Most of our production facilities emerged from our own research.

Glass nail files Bohemia-hand finished are of the highest quality on both the Czech and the World market with which you can take care of your nails. They differ from other products from foreign producers by their surface.

Regardless somewhat subtle structure, they have a high-quality abrasive surface which ensures excellent abrasive effect. Lifespan test of our products showed that the abrasive surface will last literally forever. All production methods are consulted with many experts that have long-term experience in this area.

The material from which the glass nail file is made ("Float" flat glass) does not contain any heavy metals or other unwanted chemical elements or ingredients which could be harmful for the human body.

BOHEMIA Skleněné pilníky

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