Privacy Policy

Kept by BOHEMIA glass nail file (futhermore "Keeper").

These conditions are accepted by visitors by adjustment in time of registration and by founding of user account. The visitor become the User then and thereby User agrees with Keeper´s conditions.

1. conditoins validity - these conditions are related to web sites and (futhermore "e-SHOP") and their service.

Article I.


 2. User agrees that it can be necessary to provide User´s data for acces to some e-SHOP service (for example personal or contact data) in terms of registration to the service or as the condition for next using of this service. User binds that all mentioned data are accurate, valid and up-dated.

3. User thereby agrees that Keeper will send e-mail news with information about selling of the goods (if User choose this service). This agreement meets rules about informatics.

4. User can stop from sending of User´s news by sending of response with subject "DEREGISTER".

Article II.


 5. Keeper is obliged that does not provide any User´s personal data to third side with the exception of requests of Police of the Czech Republic and State administration authorities which are authorized to require these information according to the rules.

6. Keeper does not bear any responsibility for eventual malfunction, unavailability or bad accessability of e-SHOP or User´s data loss.

7. Keeper has a right to cancel or delete User account or stop his using of e-SHOP service.

8. These conditions are mentioned on e-SHOP web sites and you can see them during your registration.

Keeper reserves the right to changes of these registration conditions withing previous warning. In case of the User does not agree with registration conditions, he has to give a notice to the Keeper.

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