Glass nail file – a foot file for the hardened skin on heels.

The most gentle way to treat cracked and hardened skin on heels.

For beautiful and healthy legs, women and men, amateurs and professionals.

Worldwide NEW RELEASE – if used regularly, it prevents appearance of the hardened skin on heels.

Abrasive surface

The both-sided abrasive surface with different roughness is made by a brand-new technology which ensures uniqueness among producers. One side is extremely rough for getting rid of the hardened skin; the other one is smoother for smoothing the skin.

Mechanic sustainability

The foot file does not break during common use thanks to its thickness and new technology; it is resistant to falling on smooth surfaces like linoleum, carpet or wood. It can be however mechanically damaged after falling down on a stone, tiles or concrete.


Use on a dry or wet non-greasy foot skin until all the hardened skin is away.

After that, thoroughly grease the skin by an appropriate foot cream.


Wash the file by water after use. If it is dirtier, you can use a brush and a detergent. The nail file can be also boiled away, sterilized or disinfected.


The warranty of a glass foot file is unlimited. It does not apply on mechanic damage like breaking caused by inappropriate use.

The quality, roughness, sustainability and functionality of the glass nail file was tested and proved by an authorized testing center.

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