Terms & Conditions

All prices  mentioned in our web shop www.glassnailfile.eu and www.nailfile.eu are final ones.

If there is no valid sales contract in writing form between customer and seller, the seller will deliver the goods in accordance with the electronic order and description of the goods sent by customer through e-mail or order on-line system. The order has to be sent on the blank which is ready for customers in our web site.

As the subject matter can be considered only the items which are expressly specified in the sales contract / the order. The www.glassnailfile.eu and www.nailfile (hereinafter the seller) thereby undertakes that will deliver the quality goods without any defects in accordance with the specification of the goods or with the characteristics which are common for determinate goods. The goods has to be in accordance with rules and regulations which are valid in the European Union, packed in original packages with the directions for use in the English instructions language if it is common.

In case of personal collection the buyer is obliged to pay all amount for ordered goods in the seller´s workroom or to show the confirmation about this payment.

For the validity of electronic order there is necessary to fill in all data which are required. The order is the draft of sales contract. To consider the sales contract as valid document there is no need to confirm the order by the seller, the sales contract is made by the delivery of the goods.The seller has the rights to insist on sales contract formation.

The invoice issued on the bases of sales contract between the seller and the buyer is considered as the tax document. The taking the goods by the buyer is possible after its payment unless otherwise agreed.

The delivery time depends on the kind of transport and is between 3 - 10 working days from the date of placing the order unless otherwise agreed. Non-fulfilment of the delivery time is not the reason for order cancellation. The buyer is obliged to take the goods over from the forwarder, check if the packing is undamaged and the number of the packages too. In the case of any defect the buyer has to inform the forwarder about it. There is the invoice - tax document in the consignment.

If you will not be satisfied with chosen goods you have the right to send it back till 14 days providing it will be sent in original packing, without using and damage of the goods. In the other hand there will not be any claim for sending the money back. The seller thereby reserve the right to not to take any goods sent back from the buyer by cash on delivery or another process which can cause the financial expenses to the seller.

The validity from 1.1.2014

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