How buy

The searching and choosing the goods

There are a few kinds of way how to choose the goods which you search.

Use the catalogue 

To get into Catalogue please click on "Catalogue" in main menu. In the left side you can find the well-arranged menu - there you can find all good which are in our actual offer. By the help of Sections "By kind" and "By mark" you can choose the method of searching. After click to name of category the relevant goods will be appeared on the main (middle) side of the page.

Fulltext searching

 The Text Box of Fulltext searching is placed in the left up side of sites. Here please fill in the name of searched goods (or the part of this name) - for expample "painted nail file" or "sanded nail file". Click on "Search" and the results of searching will appear.

Shopping basket

The Shopping basket is placed in right up side and allow you to put in required number of any goods from our product line. Here you can see the prices of the goods including VAT.

Insert the goods to the shopping basket

If you want to buy any goods, please click on the button  "To buy" anywhere in the Catalogue or use the button "Insert to the shopping basket" on the page with detailed information about the product. Here you can order the number of pieces which you can insert to the shopping basket. After the click on one of these buttons you are redirected to the shopping basket and required goods is inserted there.

Another goods addition 

To add another goods to the shopping basket go back to the Catalogue by the click on "Catalogue" in the main menu or use "Continue in shopping" bellow the basket. Than you can continue in shopping by the same way as in the previous case, it means to search the goods and insert it to the basket. New product will be added to the basket as new line in the tab.

The change of number of pieces of the goods

To change the number of pieces of the goods in the shopping basket please use the text box the number of pieces (pcs). Here change the amount and click the button "Recalculate" then. The total amount of the goods will be updated automatically.

Deletion of the goods from shopping basket

If you want to cancel any goods from shopping basket please click on the red cross in relevant line in tab. The ¨product will be cancelled and total amount will be updated automatically. There is need to confirm the question "Are you sure to cancel this product from basket indeed" before the deletion. If you are sure that you really want to cancel the product from your shopping basket please click on "Yes".

Make the order

If you choosed the goods and if you want to make the order, please click on "Shopping basket" in the right up side. Check the content and number of piecese and if you are satisfied, click on the button "Make the order" in the right side bellow the shopping basket.

The making order process is easy, there are three consecutive steps.

Step 1/3 - personal data 

 Write information about yourselves, it means First name*, Second name*, e-mail*, Phone*, Street and house number*, City*, and Postcode. Items marked by the star (*) are obliged to be fill in.

In case of you want to have another data on the invoice (different from the data which you filled in according to the directions above) or if you make the order on behalf of your company, please choose "Invoicing address".

If you want to make the order and herewith to register to make your account, please choose "To register". Choose your login and password (password has to be written two times for your sure in case of the typing error). In this case it is need to fill in the valid e-mail in the section "Personal data".

Click on the button "Continue"

Step 2/3 the way of delivery and payment 

Choose one of offered ways which is the most suitable for you.

Transport costs are different according the the amount of ordered goods and the way of delivery. Here you can see the actual transport costs for your order.

The price information you can see in Delivery terms for Europe

Step 3/3 Data checking and sending 

In this step please check again all mentioned data. If you want to change some data, please go back to step 1/1 or 1/2 by click the button "Back" and change it.

Order sending 

If all data are OK please send your order by click on button "Finish the order". Please wait for order confirmation. Your order thereby become the binding order. Congratulation! 

Order confirmation

The successful completion of the order you will be informed statement on the screen and you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

The user registration

The internet shop and will allow you to make your user account free of charge, make your shopping easier and increase the shopping comfort.

The advantages arising from the registration

If you decide to make the registration in our internet shop, you thereby receive a lot of advantages.

Registration process

You can make the registration by the click on link "Register" placed in right up side of sites.

Fill in your data - First name*,  Second name*, E-mail* and choose your login and password (write two times for your check in case of typing mistake). Your password has to contain at least 5 letters or digits and your login has not to be longer than 16 letters or digits. We recommend to choose the words without diacritic. Items marked by the star (*) are obliged and it is required to fill them in.

Continue by the click on the link "Register". If you filled in your valid e-mail address, you would receive your login and password by return there together with another information. We recommend you to print this e-mail and save them on the safe place.


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