Glass nail files - characteristics

Glass nail files Bohemia-hand finished are of the highest quality on both the Czech and the World market with which you can take care of your nails. They differ from other products from foreign producers by their surface.

Regardless somewhat subtle structure, they have a high-quality abrasive surface which ensures excellent abrasive effect. Lifespan test of our products showed that the abrasive surface will last literally forever. All production methods are consulted with many experts that have long-term experience in this area.

The material from which the glass nail file is made ("Float" flat glass) does not contain any heavy metals or other unwanted chemical elements or ingredients which could be harmful for the human body.

Why to use a glass nail file?

The difference between a metal nail file, a paper nail file and a glass nail file is as follows:

- the surface of a metal or a paper nail file is too rough and coarse, which results – or at least participates – on frazzling and breaking of nails. Thanks to our unique brand-new production technology is the surface of a glass nail file smoothly and evenly roughened. That ensures very effective and also pleasant sharpening of nails. The smoothness of the abrasive surface helps to smooth nails – effectively preventing breaking and frazzling of nails.

- the surface of a metal or a paper nail file wears off after some time, because the abrasive grains flake off the core or the material is not hard enough. The surface of a glass nail file is made by a brand-new technology directly “from the core” (grains are not separately connected to the core) and so the glass nail file cannot become blunt and it is sustainable against wearing-off. So, the abrasive surface of the glass nail file is nearly indestructible.

- the surface of a metal or a paper nail file is porous, so bacteria, microbes and molds can stay here. The glass fulfills maximal hygienic standards. No other nail files can compete with it. The glass nail file does not corrode in wet environment, it is very easy to clean and disinfect by common cleaning means, disinfection liquids and also can be boiled away or sterilized in autoclaves which is extremely important for professional use to prevent transferring an illness. We can also just wash the nail file after use in flowing water. If it is dirtier, we can use a brush. If you want to clean the nail file of a lotion, we can use a solvent or diluent while complying with all basic safety instructions. Glass nail files are a perfect instrument for professionals.

Main characteristics of a glass nail file

Sustainability – thanks to a brand-new technology, the lifespan of the abrasive surface is nearly unlimited, because the roughening is made directly in the base material.

Good care – gentleness to nails is ensured by the characteristics and properties of the abrasive surface. While using some other types of nail files (especially metal and paper ones), nails may frazzle. Sometimes nails incline to frazzle themselves, for example after using bad polishes or caused by genetics. Treating nails by a glass nail file helps to prevent this unwanted occurrence.

Hygiene – the glass complies with maximal hygienic standards. Maintaining a perfect state of a glass nail file is very easy, because the file is not porous and so cannot soak up humidity. Thanks to this no pathogenic germs, like bacteria and molds, can stick there. Just wash the nail file by water after use – or it can be also sterilized, which is highly prized by professionals making manicure and pedicure.

Toughness – the nail file does not break during common use and it is resistant to falling on softer surfaces – like linoleum, carpet or wood. After falling on rough objects like stone, tiles or concrete there can appear a mechanical damage. Small children can use a glass nail file under supervision of an adult. We produce a rounded extra-hard nail file especially for children.

Safety – if the nail file is mechanically damaged by falling down or a collision, discontinue usage to prevent potential injuries.

Flexibility – an interesting characteristic is the flexibility of a glass nail file. We can use it on all types of natural and also artificial nails. Apart from treating nails we can use it also to get rid of a hardened skin on hands and heels. The abrasive surface works best on a dry skin, after use it is recommended to use an appropriate cream.

WarrantyYou have an unlimited warranty on the abrasive surface. This does not apply on mechanic damage like breaking caused by inappropriate use.

The glass nail file is an ideal gift to every man and women.

The quality, roughness, sustainability and functionality of the glass nail file was tested and proved by an authorized testing center.

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