Nail Care

Nail Care
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Electronic Ticket to the Autumnal Cosmetics Fair in Letňany Nail files for dogs and cats
Free ticket to Autumnal beauty fair FOR BEAUTY in Prague - PVA EXPO in Letňany, ..
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Glass Manicure Stick 115mm Nail Care
Glass manicure stick is suitable for easy and regardful ablation of cuticle around nails, please ..
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Glass Manicure Stick 95mm Nail Care
Glass manicure stick is suitable for easy and regardful ablation of cuticle around nails, please ..
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Nail polish remover Nail Care
Practical nail clipper with hoof. Manicure tool for comfortable and gentle treatme..
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Antibacterial  hand spray and surfaces - 250ml Nail Care
It contains a modern antimicrobial silver-based for fast and effective disinfection of hands, ski..
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Traces of mold - Antifungi Silver Gel
The revolutionary gel lacquer, which contains the actual silver particles and extracts of lemon, ..
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PROFI - Antibacterial bases Nail Care
Antibacterial nail base with cherry scent A great helper for disinfecting the nail bed and s..
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Gel for very damaged nails Nail Care
Nail preparation is a revolutionary functional means of active care, helping to quickly and effic..
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File Gray Nail Care
File for rough roughening of the nail on the surface, or for aligning the nails. Can be used for ..
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Thermo polisher PROFI MAGIC Nail Care
PRO polisher is designed for polishing natural nail lacquer between the various paint layers. Fir..
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This is unique preparation which is the best thanks to these functions: 1. NO LINES - It..
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France porcelain Nail Care
Chief transparent gel coat with porcelain effect for the Frenchwoman manicure. Long lasting, quic..
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Decorative nail polish Nail Care
Gel nail polish without UV lamp - simple application - application ideally in t..
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Nail - 3D effekt Nail Care
SPICK-AND-SPAN MANIA with a floating clean finish. Strong, highly adherent, firming gel lacq..
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Calcium 80% of calcium Nail Care
Regeneration, volume leveling and colorless podlak with calcium. Partially absorbed, strengt..
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