Glass foot (pedikure) file 160/6 mm-PROFI Foot file

Glass foot (pedikure) file 160/6 mm-PROFI | Bohemia Glass Nail File

Výrobce: Bohemia Glass Nail File
Model: 61680
Dostupnost: Na skladě
Cena: 249 Kč 135 Kč
Bez daně: 112 Kč
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Professional glass foot file to cleaning in steriliser.

The most regardful and hygieic to your feet - it inhibits the genesis of old and corneous skin - THE  NEWS!.
Length 160 mm, thickness 6 mm, two-sides with different faces with different harsness,

Foot file is including BOHEMIA logo and PVC wrapper with directions for use.

We guarantee the unlimited warrenty of the grinding areas!!

Feet cream - see "Feet care".


nail file size
medium leng 160mm, thickness 8mm
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