Gel cuticle eliminator 12 ml Nail Care

Gel cuticle eliminator 12 ml | Amoené

Výrobce: Amoené
Model: 0008
Dostupnost: Na skladě
Cena: 115 Kč 96 Kč
Bez daně: 79 Kč
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This soft gel cuticle eliminator is slightly perfumed by violets aroma. It softens cuticle around nails and allows its easy and safe press down. It is enriched by glycerin, soft almond oil, soften components and grapefruit´s extracts.

  • Using is very easy, effective and regardful. Action in 2-3 minutes.
  • It gently softens cuticle and helps to eliminate necrotic waste skin (agnails).
  • It leaves nail and its surrounding to be clear and perfectly neat.
  • Apply directly on cuticle around the nail.
  • After duration of action wash your hands and thereby clean waste amount of the preparation.
  • For nice and trim hands use once a week.
  • Amoené regenerative nail compactor 12 ml with calcium.

Creams - see "Hand care".


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